zen doodle

A Small Patio Paradise

Sitting on this beautiful island feeling blessed to be here. Especially during these difficult times with Covid-19 loose and reckless upon the planet. It is good to be secluded from the rest of the world and still be able to enjoy life.

The abundance of beauty in a place like this nurtures my entire being – mind, body and spirit – which helps free the blockages and allow for creativity to flow freely through me whether I am painting or not.

zen doodle
Engaging the creative flow

The creative flow is as sensual and enticing while doing housework as it is while painting. I call on her often. I play with her and feed her. I nap with her and dream with her. I communicate with her so that she stays amused and decides to stay another day. Especially now as the world in changing and in an uproar I call on her to come the moment I open my eyes.

Finding ways to play with your creative self daily can be especially healing. Especially now. Sit down with your favorite herbal tea, or robust espresso, put pen to paper and let your creativity flow!

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