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WIP Plein Air “Karagatsi Beach”

Plein Air, WIP
Plein Air, WIP

It was a spectacular day today!  I traveled down the mountain to Ammouliani to paint this morning and wound up on Karagatsia Beach.  In the summertime this beach is packed with tourists but now it is serene and utterly beautiful.

I only had 2 hours so I got the first layer in and then packed up to leave.  My thoughts on getting this to work better was that the peninsula needed some breaking up to stop that smooth line in the top right corner straight down to the sea.  The eye plays better and finds a painting more interesting when there is more for it to do in the painting.  So break up the straight lines we find in Nature a bit and create spots for the eye to play and rest.

1st layer of paint
1st layer of paint

This is as far as I could get today.  The cement dock needs some adjusting and the shrub and rocks.  I pulled in the large plastic container to create a stop at the edge of the painting so the eye doesn’t easily slip out and using the orangey colors connected it to the dock and the rocks.

Still needs some work.  I’ll post the finished painting when done.

Have a beautiful day!



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