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Exhibit on Foothills of Mt. Olympus

I recently got back from an exhibit I set up in a lovely gallery at a Ktima Bellou, a fabulous hotel on the foothills of Mt. Olympus. The main theme of the exhibit comes from the landscapes and seascapes around the Halkidiki area where I live.  I have yet to find a more beautiful place than Halkidiki to paint.  Of course there are thousands of places in Greece to paint.  This is one of most richest countries for the landscape/seascape artist (yes….. a workshop in the summertime is developing).  Mt. Olympus is famous worldwide and the Goddesses and Gods have my intrigue tied to this area.  With colors and canvas and brushes I will return here in the springtime to paint…..

Here are some images of Expressive/Spiritual and then Landscapes of Halkidiki:

Red Boat

City HarborCommunionDeep SunsetMartha's AngelsWalk With Me

Beyond the Bamboo


Zagori Church

Waiting for Spring

CloudIn The Market

5 thoughts on “Exhibit on Foothills of Mt. Olympus”

  1. Vida, I am smiling warmly because I so love your work. I enjoyed reading about your process for painting, too. I hadn’t thought about all of the thought (and love) that goes into a painting but in hindsight? And knowing you? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. ❤


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